AGA Power Jumpstarter/Multipurpose Charger A3 Plus 16000mah
Brand: AGA Power
Product Code: 404

This unique item will not only start your automobile, truck, tractor, atv, lawnmower, boat, etc. when you need a Jump Start, but it will also power your Laptop, IPhone, IPad, Cellphone, Tablet Computer, MP3's, PSP's and other devices via USB Ports. The best part it fits in your hand. Our quality products are patented and tested to provide you with a safe reliable product. Avoid the Copy-Cat products that are dangerous for you and your family. You can charge multiple items at the same time, and charge them multiple times, to a complete charge. Compare and you will see the difference our products provide. We have the size that is just right for you.

Capacity of 16,000mAh, Starting Current 300A / Max Current 600A. The power that you need and deserve. Compare and you will choose our Quality Products. Ultra-bright LED Flash Light, Strobe Light, and SOS Signal. Portable battery charger with charging adapters for all of your technological devices. Perfect for your Laptops, Tablets, Phones, PSP's, MP3's, and all your electronic Devices. This item comes complete with Carrying Case, Jumper Cables, Device Accessories, Charging Units and Carrying Case Built-In protection you Deserve: Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection, Overload Protection, Over Voltage Protection, and Over Charge Protection.

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