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Funworld EP - The World Models

GoldwingRC Yak55M 100cc (EG) Red/Yellow scheme

ETA 21 Aug 2013

Hummer EPP 3D Plane 1000mm (KIT)

The Hummer EPP 3D is a high performance profile foamy that is sure to please. With its airfo..

Katana 122" 40% Wingspan: ..

Out of Stock

Sbach342 107" 36% S-01 Wingspan: ..

Sbach342 73" 25% S-05 Wingspan: ..

Weston UK Hype 3D R - Plug and Fly

Specifications:Wingspan: 1520mm Length: 1560mm Weight: 2.2Kg Servos: 5-Spektrum A6180 Digital Engine..

WM 55in Slick360 SEPP foamy airplane KIT

- Big size, stiff fuselage and wings - Airfoiled main wing and tail wing - Precise and stable..

Yak54 107" 35% CH-1 htt..

Yak54 73" 30cc Yak-03 htt..

Yak54 73" 30cc Yak-05 htt..

Yak54 73" 30cc Yak-06 htt..

Yak54 87" 50cc CH-1 htt..