Edge540 73" 24% E540 CH-4
Brand: Pilot-RC
Product Code: 23






73 in(1.85M)
Wing Area: 9495sq in(6126sq cm)
Fuselage length: 66.3 in(1.69M)
Weight: 11.4 lbs(5.2kg)
Engine: 30cc


• Strong lightweight construction
• Professionally designed for 3D and precision aerobatics
• Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany
• Cowl with cowl ring. No exterior screws exposed
• Complete hardware included
• Removable wings and stabs
• All control horns included
• Aluminium hub tires included
• Laser cut engine mounting templates
• Canister room ready for different size canister.
• SFG on the wing tip included!
• Pre-hinged wings and stabs
• Pre-hinged Fin and Rudder
• Pre-installed fuel tank
• Pre-installed firewall
Pre-mounted and painted Canopy
• Pre-drilled servo control horns with beautiful translucent color
• Pre-installed pull-pull wire with ball links on rudder
• Pre-installed push rods with ball links
Carbon Fiber accessories version:
Carbon Fiber wing tube included
• Carbon Fiber tail wing tube included
• Carbon Fiber landing gear included
• Carbon Fiber tail wheel included
• Carbon Fiber spinner included, the spinner will be painted to fit the scheme.

Scheme list:

Scheme No. Scheme name Up view Back view Side view
E540-01 red blade
 E540-03 red arrow       
E540-CH2 blue/silver/whit
E540-CH3 Purple /black
E540-CH4 green/black/silve


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