Eagle EPP Slow Flyer 1430mm w/Motor (KIT)
Brand: Hobbyking
Product Code: 800

Soar with the eagles with our Eagle EPP Slow Flyer. This fun, all EPP foam airframe is a real head turner. This sport scale model of a Eagle, has the outline that will fool most, including local wild life. The large wing and light weight give the Eagle EPP a very low wing loading, making it a fun flyer on calm wind days, even able to thermal, just like its flappy wing counterparts.

The Eagle EPP arrives as a kit so most assembly is required, though the parts count is low, meaning it can easily be built in one evening of work. We also include a small outrunner that with the included propeller makes for a perfect combination of power, yet ultra quiet performance. A O-ring style prop saver protects the prop in case of those abrupt arrivals with the ground as does the rubber band on wing. A full carbon spar keeps the wing stiff, providing a more consistent control feel. Just add your choice of 9g servos, 20~30A ESC, and 3S 11.1V 2200mAh Lipo, and you can have the Eagle EPP in the air in no time flat at a very economical price.

Take to the skies with something different, fun, and relaxing with our Eagle EPP. You'll be turning heads everywhere you go!


• Kit version with motor and propeller
• All EPP foam airframe with pre-printed bird graphics
• Scale bird outline, fool even the local wildlife!
• Slow stable flyer due to large wing area
• Motor has O-ring style prop saver
• Simple to build, full color instructions included


Wingspan: 1430mm
Length: 760mm
Weight: 550~580g


4CH Transmitter and receiver w/ V-tail mixing
2x9g servos
3S 11.1V 2200mAh Lipoly Battery
20A Brushless Speed Controller

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