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Flight Model Stik 60

Stick-60 -F069Wing span: 66.5"/ 1690mmWing Area: 64.5 sq.dmLength: 59"/1500mmEngine: 2cycle 60  ..

Flight Model Stinson Reliant SR-9 100.8" 50-60CC

Quick Details Material: Balsa wood Engine Size: 50cc Size: 20% (100.8") ..

Flight Model Super Cub 60

Super Cub 60 Wing span:80.7in/2050mm Wing Length:57in/1450mm Flying weight..

Flight Model Super Decathlon 96" V2

Quick Details Material: balsa wood Film: Chinese film Joiner Material: Carbon..

FMS 1100MM J3 Piper Cub V2 PNP

The Piper J-3 Cub is a small, simple, light aircraft that was built between 1937 and 1947 by Pipe..

FMS 1220mm Falcon PNP

The Falcon has a super cool appearance sporting a vibrant red and blue paint scheme with a simulated..

FMS 1400mm (55") Mitsubishi A6M3 "Zero" in Tan Color Scheme - Receiver Ready (PNP) Modeled after the famed WWII Japanese Mitsubishi ..

FMS A1 Skyraider V2 800mm Grey PNP

FMS 750mm (29.5") A1 Skyraider Version 2 Receiver Ready This is the new version 2 of the FMS ..

FMS B-25 Mitchell Bomber Green 1470mm (58") Wingspan - PNP

The North American B-25 Mitchell was an American twin-engined medium bomber manufactured by North..

FMS Beechcraft 1030mm PNP

RocHobby Beechcraft Staggerwing - Receiver Ready We have been waiting for a classic Beechcraf..

FMS BF-109F Messerschmitt Brown 1400mm (55") Wingspan - PNP

FMS 1400mm (55") Wingspan BF-109F Receiver Ready Warbird - Brown - FMS046 The FMS 1400mm BF-1..

FMS Cessna 182 Skytrainer 1400mm PNP

Material: Durable EPO - Wing Span: 1,410mm ( 55.5in ) - Length: 1,100mm ( 43.3in ) - Flying..


FMS has captured the classic looks of the Sky Trainer 182, pre-painted in white, with red trim, the ..

FMS F-15 64mm EDF Eagle V2 Sky Camo

This is a brand new updated version of the FMS F-15 Eagle. For starters, the F-15 is now made..

FMS F4U Corsair 1400mm PNF The FMS Corsair has a new update as of 3/2014 - U..