CY Model Ultimate 118in
Brand: CY Model
Product Code: 809

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Item No: CY8061C

Wingspan: 3000 mm (118 in)

Wingarea: 307 dm2 (4760

Length: 3300 mm (130 in)

Engine: 200-250 cc Petrol

Radio: 6-7Channels; 20 Servos



Product Description:
1. High-quality, prepainted, fiberglass cowling;
2. High-quality balsa and plywood material;
3. Light weight and strong construction;
4. Aluminum wing tube or carbon wing tube;
5. Aluminum landing gear or carbon landing gear;
6. Hardware package included;
7. Covered Toughlon or Oracvoer;
8. Decals pre-applied at factory.





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