Watching RC helicopters and airplane models dipping and soaring through the air can have the appearance of being a very basic and effortless type of operation. However, it can take a great deal of practice and skill before you master maneuvers such as these. For anyone not interested in building their own RC model, there are prefabricated new options to choose from.  You may even want to look into used but not abused options.  Topgunrchobbies has everything one might need to get started in an RC hobby.  Many models and designs are ready to operate right out of the box.  However, operating RC aircrafts is not always as easy as it might appear. 

Operating an RC aircraft of any type will take patience, but with practice and determination you will find yourself enjoying one of the most amazing hobbies. One of the best things with developing an interest in RC aircraft is that it can become a hobby the entire family can share.  Everyone from young to old can participate in the excitement of operating and maintaining radio controlled vehicles.

When you are new to RC hobbies, it is important to find out as much as you can about the particular type of aircraft you choose.  Our website can help you in your research and also the purchase of your new RC plane.  You can find all types of airplane models both new and used but not abused, batteries, engines, and accessories to start you on your RC hobby adventure.

Buy RC Airplane kits from top rc airplane manufacturers like Pilot RCThe World ModelsESM Models, Winners Models, FMS, Powerzone, Taft Viper Jet Models, DynamFinwing Penguin, and more brands coming soon.

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SEAGULL T-34C Turbo Mentor 20cc (Yellow) 1900MM SEA240Y High quality balsa and balsa plywood, these mak..


Seagull T-6A Texan II 75-91 1600mm ARFThe Beechcraft T-6A Texan II is a single-engined turboprop air..

Seagull Ultra Jet 61-95 1574mm ARF SEA159A

Key Features- Unique sport jet pusher configuration will stand out at any flying field- Lightweight ..

SEAGULL Yak 3U Steadfast 15-20cc 1600mm ARF SEA270 Yakovlev Yak-3 was a Soviet fighter aircraft during W..

Seagull Zero with Retracts 75-91 1700mm ARF SEA123

The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was introduced early in World War II, the Zero was considered the most capab..

Skyline 182 35% 150" 100cc

Flight  video: photos:

Out of Stock

Skylink 40 - The World Models

Features: The best looking flight training aircraft Functional flaps for smooth lan..

Spitfire EP 40 - The World Models


EPO Wingspan 1400 Length 1220 Weight 1350g ..

Viper Jet 90mm EDF Plug & Fly Spe..

Volantex R/C Goshawk T-45 PNP Brushless Electric Jet Airplane

This is the Volantex RC 780mm Goshawk T-45 PNP (Plug-N-Play) Electric Ducted Fan Jet Airplane. The T..

Volantex Ranger EX Long Range FPV Platform - Kit

PNF version - 11,500 The Ranger EX Long Range FPV Platform This is a review and ..

Volantex Ranger EX Long Range FPV Platform - Plug and Fly

PNF version - 11,500 The Ranger EX Long Range FPV Platform This is a review and ..

Volantex Raptor V2 FPV - Plug & Fly

FPVraptor V2 Upgrade Motor Tower UAV trim scheme 2m unibody pusher (757-V2) ..

Volantex Trainstar Exchange 3CH & 4CH 2 Pieces Wings Included 2 in 1

Key Features •Durable Plastic Unibody body technology •ABS cowling make it much more dura..