Watching RC helicopters and airplane models dipping and soaring through the air can have the appearance of being a very basic and effortless type of operation. However, it can take a great deal of practice and skill before you master maneuvers such as these. For anyone not interested in building their own RC model, there are prefabricated new options to choose from.  You may even want to look into used but not abused options.  Topgunrchobbies has everything one might need to get started in an RC hobby.  Many models and designs are ready to operate right out of the box.  However, operating RC aircrafts is not always as easy as it might appear. 

Operating an RC aircraft of any type will take patience, but with practice and determination you will find yourself enjoying one of the most amazing hobbies. One of the best things with developing an interest in RC aircraft is that it can become a hobby the entire family can share.  Everyone from young to old can participate in the excitement of operating and maintaining radio controlled vehicles.

When you are new to RC hobbies, it is important to find out as much as you can about the particular type of aircraft you choose.  Our website can help you in your research and also the purchase of your new RC plane.  You can find all types of airplane models both new and used but not abused, batteries, engines, and accessories to start you on your RC hobby adventure.

Buy RC Airplane kits from top rc airplane manufacturers like Pilot RCThe World ModelsESM Models, Winners Models, FMS, Powerzone, Taft Viper Jet Models, DynamFinwing Penguin, and more brands coming soon.

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Edge540 87" 30% E540-01 htt..

ESM Beaver DHC-2 95" Blue/Black

ESM Product No. W014B This Beaver 95" wingspan airplane is produced by ESM in China. ESM comp..

ESM Messerschmitt BF 109 ME-109

Extra 330SC 67" (22%)


Extra260 73" 26% CH8 ..

Out of Stock

Extra260 87" 30% CH8 Wingspan: ..

Flight model Calmato 40

Wing span:61in/1550mm Wing Length:55.1in/1400mm Flying Weight:2440-2660g Engine:2c..

Flight Model Courage-11 46

Wing span: 64.8in/1646mm         Wing area: 44sq.dmLength: 51in/1296mm ..

Flight Model Cri-Cri

Cri-Cri 70" Wing span:70"/1778mm Wing Length:55.1"/1400mm Weight: 3000g ..

Flight Model Edge 540 1450mm Wing Span

  Product detail information    Name:EDGE-540 55"Numbers:M055Wing..

Flight Model Extra 330SC 57" EP

Extra 330 57" EP New Arrival Wing span:57"/1448mm Wing Length:57"/1448mm ..

Flight Model EXTRA 330SC 93" V3

Wing span: 93"/2362.2mm  Wing Area: 110.7sq.dmLength: 90.9"/2311mmWeight: 7800-8000gEngine: DLE..

Flight Model F3A Magpie 59"

Wing Span: 1500mm/59in Length: 1537mm/60.5in Wing Area: 39.9 Fly Weight: 2300-2500g ..

Flight Model Sbach 342 50cc

Color Scheme - Red/Black Thunderbolt SPECIFICATION: Wing Span: 86.6in/2200mm Wing Are..

Flight Model Sbach 342 55" EP

Sbach342 55" Wing span:55"/1400mm Wing Length:53.4"/1357mm Weight: 2000..