ASP .46 2-Stroke
Brand: ASP
Product Code: 195

These engines are on SALE and products on sale have no warranty.

7.50cc ABC, Twin ballrace and a neat twin needle carb, front or rear main needle {1}.

Supplied with JENS3/37 quiet silencer.

Latest ASP .40 and .46 'S' series engines are very 'O.S. like' both in terms of their looks (and size) and now performance!!

Thanks to the re-designed (and timed) liner and carb., performance is now among the best of any of the 'sport' engines.

In our tests (using standard 17% oil, 5% nitro fuel), the baffled (quiet) silencer, O.S. no8 plug and APC props, the .46 following a brief 15 minute running in period recorded a really respectable 11,500 rpm on an 11x6 and an awesome 13,500 rpm on a 10x6!!

Beat that for 'power to pound' (power to dollar) ratio!!

What does the 'S' stand for?........ Super, Special, Stonking! - or you can you think of one? ;-)

{1} Main Needle can be fitted to the carb, or to a rear needle mounting bracket which is supplied as standard with the engine, giving the choice of front or rear mounted main needle valve.

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