FatShark 250mW V3 5.8GHz Video Transmitter With NexwaveRF
Brand: Fatshark / ImmersionRC
Product Code: 603

Fatshark introduces their new version 3 5.8GHz 250mW video transmitter, now supporting up to 17 volts of input power directly.

The new version 3 caters to the growing number of higher voltage power systems, letting you connect with a 4cell lipoly pack directly without the need of a dedicated 12V BEC. The new FatShark V3 at 250mW of transmitting power is a great choice for mid to long range FPV use, and the small form factor makes for a nice and efficient install.

Not only is the FatShark V3 250mW transmitter based on the super stable 5.8GHz NexwaveRF band, it also has a dedicated 5v output for the FPV camera which makes it plug-and-play compatible with most cameras, making this one of the best all-around FPV transmitters available.

• 250mW transmitting power
• NexwaveRF based
• Higher input voltage (6~17V)
• 5V output for FPV camera
• Small Size

RF Module: NexwaveRF
Power supply: 7 - 17V (2S-4S supply)
Power consumption: 330mA @7.4V (+camera supply)
Power out (to camera): 5V, 350mA max
Transmitting power: 250mW
Operating Frequency: 5.8GHz (5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860Ghz)
Dimensions: 55 X 26 X 12 mm
Weight: 23g (with dipole antenna)

Note: White connector on back of the transmitter is for connecting an ImmersionRC TinyTelemetry accessory. (adds Telemetry data to the audio channel for Antenna tracking)

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