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Flight model Calmato 40

Wing span:61in/1550mm Wing Length:55.1in/1400mm Flying Weight:2440-2660g Engine:2c..

Flight Model Courage-11 46

Wing span: 64.8in/1646mm         Wing area: 44sq.dmLength: 51in/1296mm ..

Flight Model Cri-Cri

Cri-Cri 70" Wing span:70"/1778mm Wing Length:55.1"/1400mm Weight: 3000g ..

Flight Model Edge 540 1450mm Wing Span

  Product detail information    Name:EDGE-540 55"Numbers:M055Wing..

Flight Model Extra 330SC 57" EP

Extra 330 57" EP New Arrival Wing span:57"/1448mm Wing Length:57"/1448mm ..

Flight Model EXTRA 330SC 93" V3

Wing span: 93"/2362.2mm  Wing Area: 110.7sq.dmLength: 90.9"/2311mmWeight: 7800-8000gEngine: DLE..

Flight Model F3A Magpie 59"

Wing Span: 1500mm/59in Length: 1537mm/60.5in Wing Area: 39.9 Fly Weight: 2300-2500g ..

Flight Model Sbach 342 50cc

Color Scheme - Red/Black Thunderbolt SPECIFICATION: Wing Span: 86.6in/2200mm Wing Are..

Flight Model Sbach 342 55" EP

Sbach342 55" Wing span:55"/1400mm Wing Length:53.4"/1357mm Weight: 2000..

Flight Model Sbach 342 64" 20cc

Designed for extreme 3D performance •Two piece removable wings •Removable Stabilizers... •C..

Flight Model Slick 70" EP

Slick EP 70" CF Version Wing span: 70"/1778mm Wing area: Length: 66.3"/1684mm R..

Flight Model Stik 46

Wingspan: 58.46in/1485mm Wing Area: 49 Length: 50.79/1290mm Engine: 2C .40-52 O..

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Flight Model Stik 60

Stick-60 -F069Wing span: 66.5"/ 1690mmWing Area: 64.5 sq.dmLength: 59"/1500mmEngine: 2cycle 60  ..

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Flight Model Stinson Reliant SR-9 100.8" 50-60CC

Quick Details Material: Balsa wood Engine Size: 50cc Size: 20% (100.8") ..

Flight Model Super Cub 60

Super Cub 60 Wing span:80.7in/2050mm Wing Length:57in/1450mm Flying weight..