Flight Model Stinson Reliant SR-9 100.8" 50-60CC
Brand: Flight-Model
Product Code: 2304

Quick Details

  • Material: Balsa wood
  • Engine Size: 50cc
  • Size: 20% (100.8")
  • Covering material: Oracover
  • Wing joiner material: Carbon fiber
  • color: Blue
  • Wheels: PU with aluminum alloy





Large scale plane  SR-9 50CC 20%(100.8") F165 Scale model plane


       Wing span:100.8”(2560mm)
        Wing Area:95.6sq.dm.
        Weight:7800-8200g   Engine:50-60cc;                                      
        Radio:6Channels 8Servos


 High structural strength
 Two pieces of removable wings and stabilizers

PU wheels with Alu. Alloy included
Complete accessories


Product Features :


         1. Latest structure
         2. High structual strength        

         3. Two pieces of removable wings and stabilizers
         4. Super quality                   

         5. Excellent aerobatics and 3D performance
         6. Easy installation                

         7. Fully symmetrical aerofoil tail wing
         8.Complete accessories           

         9. High performance hardware including: Ball linkate control system; PU wheels;C.F.Tube; Carbon fiber  arms,Aluminum Landing gear,Safe servos stapers; Cowl with cowl ring , No erterior screws exposed; Removable wings.
         11. Inner canister muffler design.

         12.The bottom color design is too eye-catching that you will never lose this plane from you sight.


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