FMS F-18 64mm EDF Fighter V2
Brand: FMS
Product Code: 557

This is a brand new updated version of the FMS F-18 Hornet.

For starters, the F-18 is now made of strong EPO foam as opposed to the EPS foam used in prior models. The motor was upgraded to a larger 2627-5100Kv power plant and the ESC was upgraded from a 35A to a 50A. The battery bay has been expanded to accommodate a larger 3S 2200mAh LiPo battery. All these improvements make this version significantly more advanced than the prior model, so we have designated it as version 2 (V2). Landing gear is easily removable so this can be hand launched and belly landed. It you want the most speed, we recommend you remove the under wing missiles, drop tanks, and landing gear. If you are more of a scale flyer, the F18 flies just fine with the missiles in place albeit a little slower. While this is a 4 channel plane, the rudder channel is for steering only - there is no functional rudder. The Motion RC pilots recommend flying the plane using 5 channels - we separate the elevator into two channels so we can subtrim the elevator halves for perfect control. This vastly improved EDF is a pleasure to fly and demonstrates very stable flight behavior.

•New, more powerful 2627-5100kV motor
•New 50A ESC
•Now made from durable EPO foam
•Super scale details including independent horizontal stabs
•Steerable nose gear for easy taxi, take off, and landing
•Detailed wing surfaces and decals
•Motor, ESC, and servos come preinstalled for quick assembly
•Can perform ground takeoffs or hand launches

•4 Channel Radio
•4 Channel Receiver
•3 Cell 11.1V 2200 mAh Lipo Battery
•Lipo Battery Charger

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