Fourtitude Fuel Tank - 16oz
Brand: Fourtitude
Product Code: 26

Fourtitude Fuel Tanks - 16oz
available in the shop - just the right size 20cc-100cc, 150-400cc(in parallel)

Ready to use right out of the package. Just strap it in and fly!
No more fishing brass tubes out of tanks that are going to end up kinked and leaking.
Crystal Clear allowing quick visual checks of any possible pollutants in your fuel tank, before it causes your engine to become unhappy.
Lightest commercially available R/C fuel tank on the market. Many cases less than half the weight of the older roto molded “standard” fuel tanks.
Entire fuel system uses materials that are resistant to Ethanol.
Aerospace grade adhesive used in assembly to assure the tanks will hold up to many happy high G loaded flights!
Every tank is pressure leak tested after assembly.
Incredibly resilient seamless plastic making the dreaded stopper splitting/leaking a thing of the past.
Filtered clunk assuring a smooth and happy running engine for many flights.
Convenient low profile square shape that fits easily in virtually any aircraft.
16oz - 6.75" L x 2.5" H x 2.5" W

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