Diatone ET 180 Class Micro Multirotor
Brand: Hobbyking
Product Code: 432
The Diatone ET 180 is another offering from this high quality manufacturer of micro size multirotors. If you are looking for a micro sized multirotor that is slightly bigger than the 150 and will allow you to use slightly larger motors then the Diatone ET 180 is for you. It is large enough to run a standard brushless set up and is also capable of carrying top end FPV gear but it is also small enough to fly around indoors as well as outdoors and it can fly through gaps the bigger machines will not fit through. It's low weight (36g frame only) means it will take the knocks and bangs the bigger machines cannot take without breaking. The frame has been designed to be both clever and aesthetic, it has 30mm mounting holes top and bottom so that you can mount all the standard hardware. There is plenty of room both inside and on top for equipment that is readily available. The cut-outs have been strategically placed to accomodate the FPV components including the camera and antenna stalk. Supplied is the renown Diatone power distribution board with 5V stepdown which makes for an extremely neat installation and also supplied are aluminum standoff's, nylon fixings, nuts, fiber washers and fixing screws. Features: • Ultra durable carbon fiber construction • 3K carbon fiber 2mm thick arms • 3K carbon fiber 1mm thick center plates • Standard 30mm bolt holes for flight controller etc • 25mm clearance between top and bottom plates • Integrated power distibution board (with 5V stepdown) • Suits motors with 12~19mm mounting hole centers • Aluminum standoff's • Lightweight (36g frame only) Specs: Material: Carbon fiber Frame Width: 155mm (front motor centers) Frame Width: 115mm (rear motor centers) Frame Length: 120mm (motor centers) Frame Height: 32mm Weight: 36g (frame only) Motor Mounting Holes: 12~19mm Required: 4 x 1306~2204 brushless motors 4 x 4~4.5ins propellers 4 x 6~12A speed controllers 1 x Flight controller 1 x 800~1200mAh 2~3S lipoly battery 4ch radio system

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