Dualsky XM4250EA-9
Brand: Dualsky
Product Code: 33224
DUALSKY BL motors are precision-engineered masterpieces, are precisely manufactured and have excellent efficiency. A wide range of motor types offers a drive for almost every application. GA Series "GA" is specially designed for large models, offering outstanding performance, a rugged stainless steel motor shaft and, for some types, a pre-mounted motor mount. Appropriate small material as well as an English-language manual is included in the scope of delivery.


Propeller14x7 5S; 13x6 6S
Housing-Ø/total-L w.o. Shaft/Shaft-Ø42/44/5 mm
Weight207 g
Examples of useSport -2,6kg, 3D -1,7kg
Engine TypeAußenläufer
Dualsky Advanced Power Systems produces high quality RC accessories and components. Since 2004, Dualsky has concentrated on Brushless Outrunner MotorsElectronic Speed Controllers, and long lasting LiPo Battery Packs. Their products have been known to produce competition performance with little cost.

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