ESM Product No. W014B

This Beaver 95" wingspan airplane is produced by ESM in China. ESM company and its products are well proven and are some of the best in the industry. ESM planes are factory painted to scale, have pre-applied decals which are covered with a clear coat, have functional flaps if standard on the full scale version, and most hardware included (screws, rods, fuel tanks etc...). Most fuselages are epoxy resin fiberglass. The wings are typically built up, then covered with an etched polyester film and painted.

ESM planes are very high quality at a very reasonable price. They come with conventional gear and wheels in the kit. If the full scale model had retracts, the retracts are available separately. Retracts add a level of complexity to the model which is for more experienced pilots. Some planes offer scale accessories like bombs, gear doors, pilots, external fuel tanks and more separately for those builders who want more scale realism.