EMAX 12g/2.4kg/0.08 sec Digital Metal Servo ES08MD
Brand: Emax
Product Code: 1042


Metal Gears mean durability, Digital means speed and precision, you can not go wrong with this set-up. The Emax ES08MD digital micro servo features a full set Metal Gears inside providing you the best durability and still be able to take a heavy work load. The response time of this servo is 0.10 sec at 4.8V or 0.08 sec at 6V which is amazingly fast. It is definitely a stunning time for Digital Metal Gears Servos. Compared to normal analog servos, this digital version provides you with more precise response and centering position.

Product Details

Size:23.0mm x 11.5mm x 24mm (0.9" x 0.45" x 0.94")
Speed:0.10 sec/60° (4.8V) or 0.08 sec/60° (6V)
Torque:@ 4.8V : 27.8 oz-in, @ 6.0V : 33.36 oz-in
Weight:12.6 grams
Weight:0.10 lbs

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