Key Features •Plastic Unibody body constcution •ABS cowling make it super durable •Quick, easy assembly, no glue required •Powerful brushless outrunner motor •Advance Easy-Plug 40A Switch-Mode BEC ESC included •Aerobatic flight performance The super Decathlon is the most intelligent RC airplane ever offered by VolantexRC. It’s a good size for beginners to plastic into a professional pilot. For professional pilot it’s a exciting aerobatic sport style airplane as well. Thanks to the Plastic Unibody design and ABS cowling construction, the plane is extremely durable compare other airplane in the market. And thanks to this construction, it can be super scale detail design as well. Even you don’t fly, put it in your house it’s a great decoration as well. Requiring just minutes to assemble, you’ll appreciate how its quiet brushless power system delivers outstanding performance with long, enjoyable flights. After you’ve mastered the basics of flight, the Decathlon is capable of performing a complement of aerobatic maneuvers such as loops, rolls, and even inverted flight.