KDS-2004-4 - N290 Metal Gear Digital Servo
Brand: Assorted
Product Code: 201

KDS-N290 metal gear digital servo comes with high rigidity, unbreakable and impact resistance gear. It features a top ball-bearing for long life and positive centering It is most powerful servo among all KDS servos, and the torque can reach 2.2kg when at 6.0V. N290 was designed for higher performance micro helicopters, electric park flyers, and 1/18 scale cars. ** It is recommended to use MG9025 Digital Servo (9g / 0.09sec / 2.5kg) instead for better performance. However, if you would like to use your existing KDS swashplate servo by MG9025, then it is better to replace all of the servos for swashplate.

•Output torque:1.8kg.cm(4.8V) 2.2kg.cm(6.0V)
•Speed: 0.14sec/60(4.8V) 0.12sec/60(6.0V)
•Rating voltage: DC 4.8-6V
•Working current: 180mA(4.8V)
•Operating temperature: -20C--+60C
•Dimension: 24 x 12 x 24mm
•Weight: 11.2g

•1 x KDS-2004-4 - N290 Metal Gear Digital Servo (Suitable for Tail Servo)