Explorer Series MH - 550 is FLYCKER aircraft is designed for multirotor enthusiasts. This four rotor aircraft platform, with the advantages of stable high strength, compatible with the most market mainstream rotor flight control, higher design standards & high performance than normall multi-rotor.

- Most connection parts are made from metal CNC with higher strength and longer service life.
- Center plate adopts integrated circuit design, enable more simple soldering electrical connection, with a circuit board that can withstand up to 150A.
- MH-550 folding umbrella design.
- Landing gear assembly & main part of the fuselage USES the separation design of fast disassembly type without tools. You can easily remove the gear landing gear assembly using a dedicated fixture, compatible with most brushless gimbal, reinforcement mounting design, letting gimbal with more solid work environment
- The mounting position of the battery and gimbal are adjustable.
- MH550 motor mounting plate is surrounded by carbon fiber, reducing wind resistance with ESC installation at the bottom of the motor mounting plate.


- Material:1.5mm thickness carbon fiber plate+16mm carbon fiber tube
- wheelbase:550mm
- test data : 18minutes (5200mah battery & Normal motor)

Package list:
- 1 x MH550 Quadcopter Mult-Rotor Frame kit (with landing skid)
- 1 x battery mounting plate