Brand: Seagull Models
Product Code: 1111

Prepare to be completely bowled over! So smooth, so bewitching and such irresistible joy to fly, the new laser-cut Seagull PT19 is even tastier than the original classic from a few years back. Includes two ready-painted pilots, engine mount, vinyl decal sheet and all the usual factory-finished Seagull features and fantastic fittings kit. What a painless, practical way to transition from a high wing trainer to a low wing scale model!

Wings plug in quickly and easily for convenient storage and transport
- Factory painted fiberglass engine cowl
- Top hatch allows easy access to radio components and to the flight battery (if choosing an electric power option)
- High quality balsa and balsa plywood for light weight construction
- All necessary hardware and accessories included
- Genuine UltraCote covering and colorful scale decal sheet

Seagull Fairchild PT-19 46-52 pdf manual


Experience levelIntermediate to advanced
Wingspan156 cm / 61.42 in
Wing area39 sq dm / 604.5
Overall length117 cm / 46 in
Flying weight2.6-2.9 kg / 5.72-6.4 lb
Power systemNitro 2-stroke .46-.52 or 4-stroke .52
Radio4 channels
CG (Centre of Gravity)6.5 to 7.5cm back from the leading edge of the wing
Assembly time (approx.)7 to 9 hours