The "Ugly Stick" is a valued design and has been enjoyed by many in the RC airplane hobby for decades! The design scales well from small "Park Flyers" to "Giant" scale airplanes.The Seagull Classic Ugly Stick 1800 mm model delivers strong sport performance using gasoline engine power or glow engine, and electric power conversion. It has a strong balsa and plywood construction airframe however, it is not a heavy plane. It is a great sport aerobat airplane and is covered in genuine oracover with pre-cut decals.

All the necessary hardware and accessories are included as well as an electric conversion with a motor mount and battery mount. This plane is suitable for nitro engines .60 to.75 or for gasoline/petrol 10cc to 15cc.


Experience levelIntermediate and advanced pilots
Wingspan180 cm / 70.9 in
Wing area66.7 / 1033.2
Overall length146.8 cm / 57.8 in
Flying weight3.5 kg / 7.7 lbs
Power systemNitro 2-stroke .61-.75 or 4-stroke .82-.91 or gasoline 10-15 cc, or electric
EP conversionIncluded
Radio4 channels
CG (Centre of Gravity)100 mm backwards from the leading edge of the wing at the wing root
Color schemeRed
Assembly time (approx.)10 to 15 hours