JXF Beechwood 17x7
Brand: JXF/XR
Product Code: 71

●High efficiency & low noise
JXF propellers are made with special aerodynamic shape and careful selection of raw materials to maintain higher efficiency in working condition with low noise.
●Excellent static and dynamic balance
Each blade of JXF propeller is machined accurately in weight, blade angle, blade area, length and shape to maintain excellent static and dynamic balance and minimize the vibration in working condition.
●Safe and dependable
During the material selection, machining and quality check procedure, every JXF propeller must undertake the static and dynamic test in tension and anti-deformation including the excess revolution test. Thus, every JXF propeller has a good rigidity and strength to ensure safety in working condition.
●Accurate pitch and blade section
JXF propellers are made with digital machines to maintain correct pitch and blade section. After machining, each propeller will be checked and hand worked again by experienced technicians to assure the best aerodynamic shape with greater thrust.
●Strictly selection of raw material with anti-deformation process
JXF propellers are made of imported red beech wood and some special hard plywood with special treatment for better strength, rigidity and minimum deformation.

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