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APM 2.6 Set jDrones (External Compass) Top entry with CUAV Telemetry

Package includes: •Compass:jD-HMC v2.0 for APM2.6 •GPS:jD-uBlox NEO6 Plane/Rover •Power U..

DYS 320 Carbon Fibre Folding Quadcopter With Storage Case (PNF)

Do you tire at the thought of building your next 320 quad? Do you wish for a PNF 320 size frame w..

Flip32+ (V2.6_Rev6) Flight Controller (Straight Header Pin)

eta - 20 July 2015 32 Bit member of the MultiWii Flight Controller Firmware for those f..

Hobbyking KK2.1.5 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board With 6050MPU And Atmel 644PA

The next evolution of the rotor revolution is here!! The KK2.1.5 is packing new found power with ..

Mini Quad 250mm KK2.1.5 Plug and Fly - TESTED

QA250 250mm CF Frame KK 2.1.5 Flight Controller 4-HengLi 2304/2300kv Brushless Motors ..

Mini Quad 250mm Naze32 Plug and Fly - TESTED QA250 250mm CF Frame Naz..

Mini Quad 250mm Pixhawk Plug and Fly - TESTED Kimpro 250 Mini Quad Pixhawk 2.4.5 Autopilot ..

Naze32 AfroFlight Acro AbuseMark FunFly Controller

eta 26 feb 2015 The popular Naze32 is here! Initially designed for use with small to mid-size..

Pixhawk CUAV 2.4.5 Autopilot complete with Telemetry

Product description: • Pixhawk is an advanced autopilot system designed by the PX4 open-hardw..

RCTimer NFS 30A (OPTO) Simonk Firmware ESC

RCtimer NFS series ESC are all N-FETs and Finally a 16MHz Crystal, they are professional for Mult..

X-CAM Kongcopter FQ700 Folding Quadcopter Frame Kit FQ700

Features: - New design, folding structure - 25mm aluminum alloy arm with fiberglass center pl..