Columbia 400 150" 35%
Brand: Pilot-RC
Product Code: 210

+ DLE-111 - P133k

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150 in(3.81M)
Wing Area: 2836 sq in(18300 sq cm)
Fuselage length: 95 in(2.41M)
Weight: 36.6 lbs(16.5kg)
Engine: 100~120CC


Review: Pilot R/C 35%/100cc Columbia 400 FG Exclusive First Look!



• Strong lightweight construction
• Professionally covered in Oracover(Ultracote) from Germany
• one aileron servo per wing, one servo per flap , one elevator servos per stab,  
  one servos for rudder. one servo for front wheel.
• Cowl is factory mounted
• Canister tunnel fits most standard canisters
 Beautifully machined aluminum  wheels and rubber tires
• Axles and wheelcollars
• Turnbuckle linkage and ball links,Adjustable with centering nut
• Factory hinged ailerons, flaps and elevators.Pocket Style Scale Hinging.
• Pull-pull rudder system
• Strong aluminum front wheel.
• two seats included in the cockpit with pilots and seatbelt
• Electroplate CF Spinner, which is cut for a 2-blade propeller.
• Painted Carbon Fiber landing gear
• Fiberglass wing tube with dihedral angle
• CF stab tubes
Scheme list:  
Scheme No. Scheme name Up view Back view Side view
C-01  Green/white  
C-02  Orange/white    
C-03  Green/silver  
C-04  Orange/silver      


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