Starter For 2-Stroke 160 & 110 Size Gas Engines - Heavy Duty
Brand: Turnigy
Product Code: 11112
Turnigy heavy duty starter is designed for starting Glow Engines up to 1.10 in size.
It has an aluminum starter cone with v-groove for boat starter belts and round rubber insert for airplane spinner cones.
Turnigy heavy duty 12V starter specialy design between aluminum cone and plastic cover to prevent belt slip into the ditch. Easy-press start switch makes starting easy without requiring heavy finger Pressure and a built-in finger-Guard promises Safe Starts. Pre-Attached Alligator Clips for easy attachment to a 12V battery
Size: 192 x 75 x 95mm
Weight: 1612g (Including wires)
Engine class: Airplane 2-stroke 160 class /Heli 2-stroke 110 class
Required: 12V DC power source

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