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Winners Model CPLR WM 62in Galactik 90

This is a PRE-ORDER Item  ;) Pay 50% of the price, ETA 1 month. -- Designed by 7 sta..

Out of Stock

Winners Model SegevDesign ARTiculate

WILL BE AVAILABLE FROM JULY 2014 - PRE-ORDER Pay 50% of the price - ETA 1 month -..

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WM 48in Extra330LX SEPP foamy airplane KIT

- Super still fuselage and main wing - Airfoiled main wing and tail wing - Ball bearings..

WM 49in Yak55M SEPP foamy airplane KIT

- Light weight and wing load  - Fly slowly and easy to be controlled - Excellent flying ..

WM 55in Slick360 SEPP foamy airplane KIT

- Big size, stiff fuselage and wings - Airfoiled main wing and tail wing - Precise and stable..